"Where do I begin to describe what a pleasure it has been to work with you, Terri?  My house (which was consequently affecting my life) was out-of-control!  I was so overwhelmed with all that needed to be done around my house.  I will never regret the day I decided to hire an organizer, and I feel so very lucky to have happened upon your name on the NAPO website.  I felt an instant connection when we met and knew that you were the one to help me get my life (house) together.  And you certainly did not disappoint.  I feel like I am now living in that house I've always dreamed of but never thought I could achieve.... the house where everything has a place and everything is in its place.... the house where I can find everything.  I will never again have to run around just before a vacation, digging in piles to find my Discman or actually sit and wonder where my grandmother's silver is!  I now feel comfortable with the idea of one of my friends just dropping by my house.... for the longest time, I didn't invite anyone over.  You made my hectic lifestyle (admittedly...much of it self-inflicted) seem manageable again.  I can't tell you just how much this has done for my own emotional state.  You were a godsend, Terri. And on top of it all, I feel like I have made a new good friend! "

Marcus W. Watson 
Heritage Preservation Officer City of Plano
P.O. Box 860358
Plano, TX75086-0358
(972) 941-7152
FAX: (972) 941-7397
"You have a way with organizing in an orderly fashion. You have brought simplicity into my store. What a difference! Thank you!"

Dallas Chocolates 
"Terri changed my life by organizing my home. For many years, every week, I would think about organizing my closets, thinking I could do it myself. It never happened. With Terri seeing my place and talking with me about my needs, her vision organized me like she promised. Thank you Terri for making my life easier. I feel much lighter when I return home and yes; everything has a place, like you said."

Sebastien Salon
"For our dear friend Terri
You make everyone merry. 
Your grace, your style, 
Makes everyone smile. 
You're precise & you're nice
And full of advice. 
You're kind and sweet
And make everyone neat. 
We love you, we need you
And adore being with you."

Janice Provo
"I put off and put off reorganizing my closets. I live in an old house with extremely limited closet space, and daily felt frustrated with the lack of space. Finally I heard about Terri from my neighbor, and hired her--she not only created more closet space for me, she created extra storage space in other hidden areas of my bedroom, organized all of my CDs and revamped my bathroom cabinets to where I can readily find everything (it was a disaster before). I would hire her again in a heartbeat! The next project will likely be organizing all of my old photos, and then my attic."

Elizabeth Showers
"What can I say? You have made me one happy guy. My garage is the envy of my friends. When my buddies found out that I hired a woman to organize my garage I was the source of many jokes. Questions about what shade of pink was being used to where the lace curtains were being hung were not unusual. Now they are eating their words. The pegboard system that you installed is awesome. It's so easy to find everything and my tools are now within reach. I'm also enjoying the tool/workbench that you custom designed. The locking casters make it so easy to maneuver and it's great that it holds my generator and all of my other equipment. Hanging the ladders gives us so much more floor space and the workout area is terrific. The thing I probably enjoy more than anything is the new flooring. Joanne and I now don't worry about the girls slipping on the floor when they come in from the pool and the new towel cabinetry you installed makes it easy for Chloe to reach her beach towel and pool toys. It's amazing to think that this all started with your suggestion of moving my workout equipment out of my trophy room and into the garage. Which brings me back to when I originally hired you to help me with designing the trophy room. It is so much better without that enormous workout system and I am really enjoying the room itself. All of your work resulted in a room that really represents who I am and for that I thank you."

Chip Eubank, CFP, MSFS
"Remodeling our home seemed the only (dreaded) option until we met Terri Beverley . She removed the clutter in our home, making life more convenient. Amazingly, we have never felt more liberated or aware of "the hidden treasures" that we accumulated over the years." 

Delilah and Sam Boyd
"Terri was amazing.  She came in, knew just what skills I needed to learn, what skills she could employ, and what was a lost cause (nothing!).  She's terrific.  I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her services, in fact I have done so on 3 subsequent occasions.   She got my office organized, my bedroom spic and span, and my kitchen is now a place I feel comfortable creating in.  Change my life.?  No, she just gave me the skills and the tools to do it myself.  Run, don't walk, to this woman."  
Leigh Tomlinson

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